About Us

HyLife™ Foods is a federally certified, modern pork processing facility located in friendly Neepawa, Manitoba. It is located approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg which serves as a major transportation gateway to the world.

The production facility is situated in a farming community with a regional population of approximately 7,000 people surrounded by the beautiful rolling Prairie landscape, clean air and fresh water.



Springhill Farms was first established in September 1986 and was jointly owned by a group of Hutterite Brethren Colonies. By January 2008, Springhill Farms employed 290 people. 3,250 head/day were either processed and sold into the frozen meat market or as fresh carcasses.

In February, 2008 Springhill Farms was purchased as a wholly owned subsidiary under the new name of Springhill Farms LP by Hytek Ltd. Hytek evolved into a ‘farm-to-fork’ food company and thus providing the opportunity to re-brand the organization. In 2011 Hytek changed its name to Hylife™ which signifies the company’s promise to provide high quality food while retaining the values that made them successful. The logo represents an integrated business brand that begins with a trusted food source and results in a premium pork product on your plate.

HyLife™ is headquartered in La Broquerie, Manitoba and is the largest hog production company in Canada and is among the top 15 in North America. HyLife™, together with its affiliates, has business holdings in Canada, United States and China. In 2011 HyLife™ Ltd achieved Platinum status in Canada’s Best Managed Companies. This is a national program, founded in 1993, recognizing organizations that employ outstanding business practices.

On April 4, 2011, Springhill Farms re-branded to HyLife™ Foods as a part of their integrated business model. While our name has changed, the values that guide and define the company remain the same.


Our Vision

We will be the BEST Canadian Food Company in the World

Core Values

• Teamwork
• Do What We Say, Say What We Do
• Open Door Policy
• Respecting People
• Respecting Animals
• Turning Challenges into Opportunities
• Empowering People
• Striving to be the Best
• Community Partners
• Get ‘er Done
• Sustainable Profitability
• Work Hard, Play Hard
• Work Safe

Mission Statement

At HyLife we focus on developing our employees, providing quality products to our customers, and working in partnership with our community.


HyLife™ Foods objective is to produce the highest quality products while maintaining & improving the environment in and around its facilities. The new state of the art industrial waste water treatment facility (IWWTF), has been named R3 Innovations Inc. R3 represents the companies initiative to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle keeping in line with HyLife’s™ on-going commitment to the environment.

R3 Innovations is designed to accept and treat effluent 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. It has an insulated and covered steel attenuation tank that accumulates waste effluent during the week for treatment on the weekend. This provides for consistent flows through the treatment process, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

The wastewater treatment facility has the capacity to accept and treat 100% of the effluent generated from HyLife™ Foods. R3 Innovations was also designed to accommodate the additional flows generated once HyLife™ Foods has completed the expansion from the current hog slaughter to its maximum licensed capacity. The wastewater treatment facility complies with the new effluent discharge standards in the Province of Manitoba, considered to be some of the most stringent discharge standards in the world.

Some of the fully treated effluent will be reclaimed and further processed through the use of a Reverse Osmosis system. This processed water will be utilized to cool down the pork processing plants refrigeration system or stored and chlorinated for use in the truck wash. The ability to reuse this water will further reduce HyLife™ Foods environmental footprint by reducing the overall demand for fresh water at the facility. This is a great accomplishment for HyLife™ Foods in terms of being environmental stewards of land, water, and air.



Animal Care

By focusing on the health and well being of their livestock, HyLife™ is able to achieve the goal of producing pork products that meet the high quality standards demanded by today’s consumer. To help guarantee the superior health and humane treatment HyLife™ adheres to strict bio-security procedures throughout the production cycle. They also invest heavily in professional veterinary care and providing optimal environmental conditions for their animals. Finally HyLife™ provides their employee’s with comprehensive training in animal care and handling techniques as well as nutrition management. The result of such diligence is a safer, healthier, tastier pork product for the table.

Community Citizen

The HyLife™ group of companies believes strongly that it’s their responsibility to give back to the communities where they live and work in by supporting local projects and organizations that benefit everyone.

Some of the recent programs and initiatives have been supported:

  • The Yellowhead Centre
  • Neepawa Minor Hockey
  • Neepawa Soccer Association
  • Neepawa Amateur Wrestling Association
  • Neepawa Boxing Club
  • Neepawa Junior ‘A’ Natives Hockey Club
  • The Beautiful Plains Foundation
  • Neepawa Chamber of Commerce
  • Agape House
  • Steinbach Bethesda Foundation
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Grunthal Menno Home
  • Killarney Community Centre
  • Kola Rec Centre
  • Le Chalet de La Broquerie
  • La Broquerie Club Sportif – Pee Wee Provincials
  • Mennonite Heritage Village Museum
  • M.S. Society
  • SRSS & La Broquerie Scholarship
  • Steinbach Summer in the City
  • Steinbach Minor Hockey
  • St. Malo Summer Festivals
  • Universities of Minnesota, Manitoba & Saskatchewan
  • St. Pierre, Virden, Winnipeg & Steinbach Youth for Christ
  • Christmas Cheer Board – Neepawa, MB

As part of HyLife’s™ commitment to giving back to the communities where they do business, HyLife™ employees are encouraged to give generously of their time and energy to better the communities where they live. They are proud of the personal and financial contributions HyLife™ employees frequently make to such causes.

Every year we award the employee who has gone above and beyond in their community. This employee receives the HyLife™ Volunteer of the Year Award which symbolizes HyLife’s™ corporate and individual commitment to making the world a better place.