Welcome to HyLife™ Foods

HyLife™ Foods is confident about the future of the pork industry and the sustainability of their processing facility to meet the growing global demand for top quality pork products.

Since purchasing the plant in February 2008, HyLife™ Foods’ has been successful in augmenting a strong management team, introduce new business systems, and improving operational efficiency.

HyLife™ Foods is your premier brand of choice for pork products – meeting your expectations of flavor, color, texture and tenderness. Customers choose HyLife™ Foods quality pork because they deliver on their promise of product and service excellence through honorable business practices.

Today, the plant is processing 6,500 hogs per day into primal and selected cuts for both international and domestic markets.

BestManagedCompaniesPlatinumMemberHyLife™ Foods is excited about the completed investment to modernize and expand the plant. This expansion increased processing capacity to 1.95 million hogs annually.